What Is The Best Way To Reheat Fried Chicken?

Fried chicken is the foremost choice of food lovers; it is the reason for happiness. It is crispy, juicy and very much crispy. If you get is hot with the crispy and crunchy flakes layer, it is really the yummy dish to enjoy with sauces. Fried chicken is delicious anytime but it can lose the taste anyway as it cools down or the leftover fried chickens. To enjoy the same crispiness of the fried chicken even after the next day, you need to reheat the fried chicken. It can be a mess and the limp skin, the soggy crust can be very much rough if you don’t know the right way that how to reheat the fried chicken. Even the oily, left over, crustless fried chicken can be a cause of different health issues. You need to know the sensible and proper method to re-heat the leftover fried chicken. You can even search online and you will get some much effective options to re-heat your fried chicken. But you can experiment also with your knowledge on the matter to get the desired result.

You can achieve the highest success from reheating your fried chicken as you allow the leftover fried chickens to come in the regular room temperature. Keep them out from the refrigerator for minimum 30 minutes before reheating them. It will help your meats to heat much faster if you are using the oven for the purpose and if you are frying again in oil, you cannot skip the step as the water of chilled fried chicken can ruin everything. There are three ways to reheat the fried chicken. You can do it with your oven or can deep fry them again or can use the air fryer to reheat the leftover fried chicken.

Reheating fried chicken in an oven

To reheat on the oven you need the following items:

  • Obviously an oven
  • Aluminum foil
  • Baking sheet
  • Wire Rack
  • Tongs

Method of reheating in the oven

  • As the fried chicken at the room temperature
  • Preheat your oven at 400 degrees
  • As your oven is enough hot, use the wire rack on the baking sheet
  • You need to place the chicken on the wire rack and place a baking sheet on it
  • If you need, you can also line up the baking sheet with your aluminum This process is good as you will be able to clean up rack easily.
  • Now put the chicken on the wire rack
  • As you have set the chicken properly, start the oven at 400degree Fahrenheit. If you are going to reheat the breast pieces of fried chicken, bake for 15 to 18 minutes but if you have the thigh or leg pieces. You can cut down the time duration. 12 minute enough for the task then. Just turn the chicken midway through the reheating process and use the tong to turn the fried chickens. Make sure that the chicken pieces internally reheated at minimum 120 degrees. So that you will have the tender inside and crispy outside fried chicken like the fresh restaurant bring fried chickens.

Another method to try in oven

  • Just preheat your oven at 325°F
  • Take the paper or lunch bag
  • Keep the fried chickens evenly in it
  • Seal the bag properly
  • Place the bag on the cookie sheet
  • Set temperature and bake them for twenty minutes
  • Don’t overdo it
  • Take the lunch bag out after twenty minutes
  • Tear out the seal carefully
  • Your delicious fried chickens are ready to serve
  • If you have the griller, you can even grill the fried chicken for eight to ten minutes


If you don’t have an oven but want to reheat your leftover fried chicken, you can refry them to have the same crust, tenderness and evenly heated chicken pieces.

Fried Chicken

Things you need:

  • Take a heavy bottom sauce pan
  • Vegetable oil
  • Tongs
  • Wire rack


  • Allow your fried chicken to come in room temperature
  • Let it sit for at least 30 minutes before start cooking
  • This will prevent temperature dropping of the oil and you will not get the same crispiness that you want
  • You can add the oil of your choice to fry the chicken, vegetable, mustered, soya or anything you want. Set up a deep bottom saucepan on the stove and let the oil to heat up. This is a deep frying process, so you need enough oil in the pan. Heat oil in high heat, you can also follow the same process if you are using the deep fryer.
  • Use the tongs to add the chickens in a deep fryer or the deep bottom pan so that the oil will not splash out. Don’t fry all the pieces at a time to avoid overcrowding in the pan. Allow it to cook in the oil for three to four minutes. Turn the chicken frequently to avoid burning.
  • Cook for little bit longer period of time to get it crispier but not much so that you dry out the chicken and it loses its taste and tenderness.

Air fryer

  • You can use the Ait fryer to heat the leftover fried chicken without using too much oil or you can cook with your air fryer, without oil.
  • Just set the temperature of your air fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and increase the temperature gradually to get the crispy and juicy fried chicken. You can cook it for 5 minutes in the Air Fryer and you will get the delicious fried chicken as your desire.

You can even sauté the fried chicken in a frying pan but it will not give you the desired result that you look for.

There are lots of options to choose while you are reheating your leftover fried chicken but do it very carefully so that you will able to enjoy the same taste, same juicy, crispy and tender fried chicken like the fresh ones. You can serve them with mayonnaise or tomato sauce that will spice up the taste of the fried chickens surely.

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