Top 10 Kitchen Utensils that every kitchen should have

Are you being tired of the things same old and need to spice up things in your kitchen? How many times have you wished you had proper kitchen utensils that would make your life easier?

We are here to help you sorting out the proper and appropriate utensils every kitchen should have. Having the proper sets of appliances should help you to be on the next level of your cooking days. We hope this article can help you to make the right choice of utensils for your kitchen experience.

​Top 10 Kitchen Utensils that every kitchen should have

1. Apple core and slicer:

Apple slicers are one of the must have things that everyone needs. It’s such a common kitchen tool that you can find it in any stores. Although you can eat an apple with the core inside but most of us prefer having them nicely sliced. That’s exactly this little handy tool can do for you.

Without any issues you can split your apple into beautifully even pieces and remove the core part. And you don’t have to slice only the apples with this tool. Apple slicers can be used on any fruits or vegetables that need to be cut precisely and quickly.Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so apple slicers should be a must have utensil for your kitchen.

2. Electric Blenders:

Blenders are useful in various ways whether you are preparing a smoothie, juicing or simply shredding into small pieces (for example tomato puree). You can find various types of blenders according to their watt power, price, functions, juicing capability, shape of blades etc.

But having a juicer machine is a must for an ideal kitchen. Depending on the food habit one must choose the appropriate blender or juicer machine. To minimize your confusion and choose the best suitable appliance, you can visit for further discussions on electric or manual juicing machines

3. Egg separator

Separating your egg yolks has never been easier until you have this utensil. Using eggs in the kitchen are not always very simple, and not everyone can master the act of egg separation perfectly. It takes time and skill to be able to do it faultlessly.

And if you are with kids or a newbie in the kitchen, it is guaranteed to be a mess. This is where the role of egg separator comes in action. Whoever came with the egg separator idea is a complete genius and a lifesaver. The concept is to easily separate egg yolks from white without juggling them between the broken shells.

A simple egg separator in your kitchen can help you prepare your breakfast or making cupcakes with your kids without any hassle of egg shells.

4. Pineapple Slicer:

No more buying ready cutoff pineapples that can be awfully expensive. This handy little tool will help you save precious time and create delicious pineapple dishes. Peeling a pineapple is really a matter of skill and takes a lot of time. And how to peel a pineapple is a question of the century!

So pineapple lovers will always welcome this tool in their kitchen. Pineapple slicers are 3 in one tool that can peel, slice and separate the core in matter of seconds. The mechanism is very simple; it works as a cork screw and cleave pineapple circles ready to use on fruit salads or eat on its own.

Within a few seconds of twisting the cutter into the fruit the entire flesh of the pineapple will come out without a problem. Once you remove the flesh, you can also enjoy the remaining juice left on the shell easily. And also use the remaining shell for any decoration or cooking purposes.

5. Watermelon Corer and slicer:

If an apple corer isn’t your thing but you are really craving for watermelon, this is a must have tool for you. Trying to cut up watermelon into smaller pieces to enjoy every bits of its flesh are very tiring and time consuming. And let’s not discuss about the mess you can leave behind after the cutting the watermelon.

The watermelon slicer will make the job very easy for you. The sharp blades will help you to cut easier and transport the melon to serving dishes. The remaining juices will be inside the shell and go nowhere on your kitchen counter. All you need to do is to slice through the watermelon and grab each piece until you are left with only the shell. Perfect for summer parties or use in breakfast.

6. Avocado slicer:

Who doesn’t love avocados, but we bet scooping and slicing avocados are really struggling sometimes. Slicing and scooping avocados are the main manifesto of this kitchen tool. An avocado slicer is what every avocado lovers need in their kitchen.

This is a simple tool with 3 functions for enjoying your avocado. All you have to do is slicing the avocado from its middle with the sharp blade of the tool and open it up. Then use the sharp pinning tool to remove the center of the avocado, and then scoop out the edible part. The scoop will not only allow you to bring it out but also cut into evenly pieces.

7. Can openers:

Can openers are a must have utensils for every kitchen. Whether you are fond of processed canned foods or drink bottles, can opener is the needed every time you are opening sealed cans. Usually can openers can be used for multi tasks for cutting tin and opening bottle caps. Whether you are inside your kitchen or travelling, can openers will be useful for you in various circumstances.

8. Salad Maker:

Fresh fruits and vegetable are the solution for many nutrients that our body requires regularly. Salads are very popular among health conscious people throughout the world. Whether it’s an automatic or manual salad dresser is a must have utensil for every kitchen.

Salad makers are designed in such a way that it can carry out your cutting job in no time, saving valuable time and encourage you to eat green with negligible efforts. They can be also useful for making large quantity salads during parties or small scale commercially used purposes.

9. Measuring cups and spoon:

You can find many recipes over the internet, TV or cooking books, but without a set of measuring cups and spoons trying those recipes are almost useless. A slight variation on the proportion of an ingredient can make your cooking go wrong! So it is always wise to keep a set of measuring utensils on your kitchen for accuracy.

10. Hand Mixture machine:

Baking items are nearly impossible without hand mixture machines. Usually electric hand mixtures are helpful because of their efficiency and less labor requirements. Egg biting or mixing baking items are easily done with hand mixtures. They are very useful and less expensive must have utensil for your kitchen.

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