Gotham Steel Non stick Titanium Frying Pan Review


When you are going to buy a Non Stick pan, you can spend 20-100 bucks. But the most important thing is which features you need in your pan and what is your budget. Today I will introduce with the Best Non Stick Pan under 30. The model is Gotham Steel 9953 Non-Stick Titanium Frying Pan.

I can assure you that you will get the perfect features in it which you expect within the budget range of 20-30. Why do people order a nonstick pan? Because this type of frying pan helps to cook various food with less oil. That means you can cook the same food which you cook in the regular frying pans.

But the basic difference is, nonstick frying pan needs less oil to cook the food. But the taste of the food remains same like the other cooking method. You will be glad that this Gotham Steel 9953 Non-Stick is just the perfect one.

Gotham Steel 9953 Non-Stick Titanium Frying Pan

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

  • Professional cooks to cook healthy food.
  • Housewives to cook food with less effort.
  • Health caring people to cook with less fat.
  • People who love to take a lot of fried food but want less oil and fat.

Core features of the Pan-Gotham Steel 9953

People loved the product a lot only because it providing the great service which a user wants. This model from Gotham Steel has constructed with ceramic and titanium.

The titanium is a durable material. That means if you order the product then you are getting a durable frying pan. The base is just perfect to spread the heat all over the surface of the pan. If you are one of them who is totally confused about the nonstick pan, then just order this product.

If you are a newbie in the nonstick pan, you will obviously love it. No matter what kind of food you are cooking in it, it always avoids sticking food in it. Have you thought to make an omelet

 Non-Stick Titanium Frying Pan

without oil? Yes, I am talking about it because it is possible with this model of frying pan. This nonstick pan is also large enough to cook enough food at a time.

How will You Be Benefited with this Product?

Nonstick Coating: Its total nonstick interior will help you to cook food with less oil. In some cases, you can cook food without oil. But no need to be tensed about the taste. You will never feel that you need oil in your food if you cook with this model. This model is not only nonstick but also heat sensitive. You can also cook with it in an oven (up to 500 degrees)

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Gotham Steel Titanium Frying Pan

This model of Gotham Steel is 12.5 Inch wide x 2.2 Inch deep and You can also cook with it in an oven (up to 500 degrees).You will be glad that this Gotham Steel 9953 Non-Stick is just the perfect one.

Bigger in Size: AS I have already mentioned that you can grab this frying pan under 30, but it is not small in size. It is quite big to cook enough food. This model of Gotham Steel is 12.5 Inch wide x 2.2 Inch deep. So you will be able to cook enough food without any critical issues.

Verities of Food: Though you will get some other models with the same price, but you will find some complex things on them. But with the Gotham steel 9953, you cook all types of food without the hassle. You can cook fishes, meats, omelets, pan cake and almost all types of food. You can even use this with cheeses which are not perfect for the sticky frying pans.

Warranty and Usage: This is a lightweight nonstick pan with perfect sized handle. So it is easy to move it during the cooking session. PFOA, PTFE and PFOS-Free and Scratch free surface and easy to clean the frying pan. You can request manufacturer for the warranty.


  • Constructed with durable material for great quality.
  • Low priced Non Stick pan to cook with less oil.
  • Perfect shaped and designed for the different style of cooking.
  • Everything slides perfectly on its surface.
  • Easy to clean the surface.
  • Scratch free surface to use the pan for a long time.
  • The coating doesn't peel off with regular usage.


  • This model doesn’t work with induction.
  • Handlebar can be made more efficient.

Some Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is this model support glass top for cooking ?

A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Why some people has given negative reviews ?

A: Some users bought the product with discount price and they haven't checked the quality.

Q: Is it a durable frying pan ?

A: Yes, it is a durable frying pan.

Q: Is there a warranty on this model from Gotham Steel ?

A: You can contact the manufacturer company for warranty.

Some Insider Tips for this cookware set

  • Don’t use the pan with over heat.
  • Wash the surface with a soft hand and scratch free scrubber.
  • Use a little bit oil sometimes for better cooking.
  • Don’t use with induction.

What do you think about this product? I will strongly recommend this product if you have a low budget for your cookware. Just the perfect nonstick pan with titanium and ceramic coating in the surface. Never sticks any kind of foods in it. So you can continue your cooking without hassle. Sometimes you will be able to cook some food even without oil.

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