The Best Way to Reheat Wings: Barbara’s Quick and Easy Tips & Tricks

Who can pass up a large dish of chicken wings? Crunchy, spicy and delicious, they’re simply irresistible. Chicken wings are among the best parts of the chicken, especially if these are cooked really well. These can be served as appetizers in restaurants, bars or even for just simple dinners at home. You can also serve them during parties as the finger foods. There are a lot of ways on how you can reheat chicken wings and to make sure that you will them properly, here are some tips for you, but how to reheat your cooked wings without burning them.

Chicken wings, hot wings, and Buffalo wings are the classic American appetizer that all age group of people like to indulge into. If you have ever tasted the hot wings of any of the famous restaurant chain then you will certainly like to prepare them at home. Even if you bring them to your home, you just need to reheat them before enjoying the juice and delicious taste.

Just because you love the crispy wings that do not mean that you know the tricks of re-heat them so they are juicy and crispy as it is just cooked. You can enjoy best the delicious wings with delicious buffalo sauce.

The leftover wings can be a great choice to enjoy the next day but it is important that the foods have same crispiness and juicy taste. You maintain the taste of the foods; you need to know the rights ways to reheat your leftover wings.

You can reheat them in four ways:

  • Reheat in your microwave
  • Reheat by deep frying the wings
  • Sauté the wings
  • Using Air Fryer

The taste of left-over chicken is something that no one likes and leftover chicken loses its quality too. Mindless reheating of your wings can yield the desired result and can cause soggy skin, burnt chicken, the uneven temperature of the food. Same issues can happen with the Buffalo wings also. Perfect reheat wings are equally hot in and out, crispy and tender.

Reheat the wings in an oven

You can utilize your microwave or OTG to reheat your leftover or frizzed wings. This is the most popular way of reheating chicken.

But if the wings were in the refrigerator for a longer time, keep them out for minimum half an hour to set in normal temperature. In oven, you can heat the wings properly by maintaining its flavor and juice intact.  This method is the just the perfect choice for the buffalo or chicken wings that coated in the delicious sauce. Deep frying of wings can ruin the coating and it can burn the wings.

Barbara’s Quick

Things that require:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Baking tray or wire rack
  • Tongs


  • Before start reheating the chicken just preheat the oven for few moments
  • As your delicious wings are at perfect room temperature, place them on the baking pan by using a tong. Place them properly with enough space so that they will evenly reheat but don’t overcrowd the baking tray.
  • You can sprinkle a small amount of salt on them
  • Place the wings on the middle rack and heat at 350°F temperature
  • Reheat them for ten to 15 minutes
  • Monitor the progress to ensure that the wings don’t bunt or overcook.
  • Your juicy and tasty wings are ready to serve

Deep frying

You can revive your leftover wings by deep frying them also, which is an excellent way to get the properly reheated crispy and juicy wings. But if the wings are coated with the sauce you can avoid the process.


Things to have

  • Heavy deep frying pan
  • Cooking oil
  • Tongs
  • Aluminium foil
  • Wire Rack


  • To deep fry the wings you also need them in room temperature. Frying the cold wings can damage the crispiness of the skin of your wings
  • As the wings are in room temperature, take a deep fryer and heat a good amount of cooking oil in high smoking point. You need to sustained temperature to maintain the crispiness of the skin.
  • If you are using a deep fryer, let it heat at 350°F and then add them into the oil very carefully by using the tong
  • Fry them for 15 to twenty minutes and turn them frequently so that you will get the wings crispy outside and tender but hot inside. As the cooking time may vary, keep eyes on the process and check if it has the right balance of tender meat and crispy skin. Longer times of frying can dry the meat also.
  • As you are satisfied with the taste and texture of the wings remove the wings from oil and to drain the oil keep them on the wire racks. Keep them for two or three minutes and then serve hot.
  • Even you can tent it with aluminium foil as they are on the rack to make sure that the wings will not be cooled down too much.

Sauté the wings

You need to have

  • Skillet
  • Cooking oil
  • Aluminium foil
  • Tongs
  • And wire rack


  • Like the other methods, make sure that the wings are at the room temperature
  • On high flame, heat some oil
  • Sprinkle some water over the frying pan to check the temperature of the oil
  • If that fizzles fast, then you can start sautéing your wings
  • Again use the tongs and sauté your wings for two to four minutes if you want to add some coating to the wings, you can add them in the pan too and then again start sautéing the wings to assure that sauce is just in right texture to coat the wings.
  • Again keep the wings on your wire rack for two to three minutes and then serve them to enjoy hot and tasty wings.

Use air fryer to reheat your wings

Apart from those traditional methods, there is also another way or the healthy way to reheat the wings and this is your Air Fryer.

It takes just five minutes and reheats the wings with Air Fryer at 350°F and you just need to increase gradually its temperature up to 400°F. You need to cook it for more three to five minutes to get the original crispiness.

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