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Searching the best product from online store is tough and time consuming. But you can reduce your effort by reading an honest review. Here I am going to give a review about the best non Stick pan under 30. The model is T Fal Professional Nonstick Fry Pan Oven Safe Pan (black). Why I have selected this product as the best nonstick pan?

Well, there are a lot of T-fal pans are available in market with different budget range. But only few of them are professional grade. This T-fal E93808 has constructed and designed especially for professional works. I know it is boring to read a review with technical features only. That is why here I will avoid the unnecessary technical features. I think my review will help you to know how will you be benefited with this T-fal E93808. In a few minutes I will discuss about the core features of the product. Stay with me.

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Whom Is T Fal Professional Nonstick Fry Pan Designed for?

  • For professional cooks to make delicious food without hassle.
  • New cooks who want to cook foods with less effort.
  • People who concern about health and wants less fat food.
  • Housewives to cook and clean the pan easily.

Core Features of the Product

As I have mentioned above, you will find a lot of product which has same price as the t-fal professional non-stick fry pan. But only few of them has the feature like it. This pan has constructed with prometal pro interior to keep it away from sticking food in it. There is a reddish dot included in this nonstick pan. This feature is a unique feature of it and it indicate if your pan is pre heated or not. Manufacturer has named it thermos spot. The base of the pan is made of stainless steel and it helps to cook the

T-fal frying pan

food perfectly. To cook perfectly in a nonstick pan, it is mandatory to have a handle to move it.

Keeping that thing in mind, this model of T Fal Professional Nonstick Fry Pan has designed with a silicon handle. And it remains cool during the cooking session. The nonstick coating not only helps to cook with less oil but also helps to clean the pan easily. If you read the customer reviews n amazon, then you will be satisfying about the product. Most of the users has given the product as five star.

How will You Be Benefited with the Product?

Easy Use: When a customer become fully satisfy about a product? When the product is easy to use. And it is too much easy to use this frying pan with the silicon handle. It remains cool on the induction top. This is a lightweight nonstick pan which easy to move and no helping hand needed.

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T Fall Non Stick Pan

lightweight, attractive and durable product in the market.

Unique thermos Spot: It’s a big problem to guess if the pan is perfectly pre heated or not. But you can be remaining worry free about this product. The thermos spot dot becomes fully red when it is ready to cook.

Perfectly Non Stick: If you browse the category of nonstick frying pan, you will see a long list of frying pan. But only few of them are really nonstick and this model is one of them. Nonstick coating of the surface helps to make different types of food with less oil. Even you can cook omelet, pan cake and more foods with it.

Stainless Steel Base: The base of the pan is made of high quality stainless steel. This steel base helps the pan to distribute the heat from the induction top. So each part of the pan become heated perfectly.

Value: If you think about the price, then this is the Best Non Stick pan for the money. I can assure you that this is the perfect pan within the price it has.


  • Prometal Nonstick coating to cook food with less oil.
  • Easy to use and cook in it.
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Unique thermo spot to know about the pre heat condition.
  • Stainless steel base for proper heat distribution.
  • Lightweight and Silicon handle n so easy to move during cooking.
  • Safe for all cooking methods including oven (up to 300 degree), induction top etc.
  • Lifetime warranty available in it.
  • 12-inch surface to cook enough food in it at a time.


  • Not a highly durable frying pan.
  • Improper use can make scratches in the cooking top.

Some Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it a heavyweight nonstick pan?

A: No, it is a lightweight nonstick pan (2.3 pounds)

Q: If lifetime warranty available in this model ?

A: Yes, depending on some conditions, you will get lifetime warranty.

Q: Is it compatible with induction top ?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: Is this model PFOA free ?

A: Yes, it is PFOA free.

Some Tips for long time Performance

  • Clean the interior surface with soft hand.
  • Don’t use it with over heat.
  • Use some oil before keeping the food item in it.
  • For best performance, use it in induction top or other cooking top.
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