Refrigerator Hacks: How to Organize Food in the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances of your home, people stores raw fruits and vegetables, perishable goods and other types of foods and even liquids. You must be lucky if you have a large refrigerator so that you will get massive space to organize all the things in a proper way. Proper organization of foods in the refrigerator will give you more space and you will be able to find everything in right place, whenever you need that. Even if you have a small fridge, you can organize them properly with the right knowledge of how to store different foods in the fridge. If you are a new user, you can read the ideas on the internet to organize your fridge, or you can get ideas from your mom. An organized and clean fridge can last long and can your energy bills better. So, here are some useful ideas that you can follow to avoid the refrigerator hacks by organizing them properly.

To organize your refrigerator you need to go step by step:

The door

The temperature of the door of your fridge is a little bit higher than the other compartment of the fridge. Don’t keep the milk or eggs there but if have the egg-shaped small or large compartment; you can keep the eggs there. But use the door cabinets to keep the condiments, butter, juices, sauces, water or soda. Even you can store the pickles at the cabinets.

Deli bin

This feature comes with the French door bottom freezers and you will find the below the crisper drawers. This is really a useful drawer, especially if you need to adjust the temperature as there are different types of foods in your refrigerator.  This is the right place to store the meats.

You can keep bacon, deli meats, cheese and hot dogs in this place

Now come to the crisper drawer

This place is for the raw foods. Most of the refrigerator comes with the humidity control feature. You can adjust the temperature from high to low. Whether high temperature is good to keep the wilting vegetables but the low is ideal to keep the raw fruits and vegetables that come with thinner skin. Even if you don’t have the refrigerator with humidity control, you can keep raw fruits and vegetables there.

Fruits to keep in low humidity drawer

The avocados, grapes, mushrooms, apples, plums, pears, peaches, ripe nectarines, melon and the summer squash, pepper.

Things to keep in a high-humidity drawer

Carrots, cauliflower, carrots, green onions, cabbage and leafy green vegetables

Organize Food

Things to keep in low self

This part is in the middle portion of your refrigerator and this is the coldest part of your fridge. So, this shelve is good to keep the items that susceptible to develop the harmful bacteria.  You can store the milk, cooked foods and even the raw fish.

The upper shelve

  • This upper shelve is in comparison quite warmer than the other part of your fridge. You are not able to keep the eggs or milk there but you can keep yogurt. Here is a simple list that what you can store in this part.
  • Leftover foods (but you need to keep a large number of left-over foods in different small containers. Position properly, so that you will find them in an easy way.
  • You keep the snacks (fruit cups, other snacks and hummus), Yogurt
  • You need to know the right position of each product that you need to store in your fridge so that you will be able to prevent them from spoiling. You need to know first, what you cannot keep in the fridge like coffee, bread, bananas, onions, garlic, tomatoes, potatoes etc.

How to organize the freezer

The freezer is the obvious part of your fridge to store the frozen things. Ice of your fridge goes in it surely and also the frozen vegetables, fruits, stock, meat, fish and etc. there are also many things that you can store in this pat like pasta sauce, tortillas and the dried spices. But to keep the foods in the freezer, you keep them in an airtight bag or container. That will not give a composed look but will save the energy too. Instead of the glass jars, you can use the good quality plastic containers or even there are many freezer bags available in the market. You can store the foods within that too. It should be properly clean. This is the ideal place to keep the yummy ice creams. Store the ice-creams in the specific ice-cream containers.

organize the freezer

Things to keep in mind:

  • Use different baskets to keep different things. Like one for fruits, one for vegetables etc. it will give your fridge an organized and neat look. Baskets are very easy to slide out and in.
  • Label each basket and container according to the things that you are going to store in it.
  • Line properly the shelves with the easy to clean out fridge mats
  • To cover the shelves, use the cling film or plastic wrap/ this is another great way to clean out the shelves easily
  • Don’t keep the milk or dairy products at the door because the temperature fluctuates there too fast.
  • To keep the salads fresh more times, use the Masan jars. This is the most
  • Keep the seafood and raw food at your fridge’s bottom shelf to prevent the unwanted drips
  • If you are keeping bacon in the fridge, keep them in bacon saver so that it will not leak out and your fridge will be more clean and clear.
  • Make a habit of cleaning your fridge at every weekend
  • Don’t keep any cooked food in the fridge without a cover
  • To keep the fresh vegetables and fruits, you can also use the zipper food storing bags and that will enhance the life of your fruits.
  • To clean up your fridge, switch it off first.
  • Your fridge is not the ideal place to store oils, so you can skip storing those oils in the fridge
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