Kitchen Cheat Sheet: The Kitchen Optimization Hack

Modern people love to make the perfect meal, love to plan perfect dinner for the guests. They also love to properly organized kitchen with well-developed appliances in the kitchen. Making a completely organized kitchen with well-developed appliances is a matter of time, experience and care. To make the perfect kitchen and perfect dinner, you need to know the step by step process only.

As you need to have the complete list, we made it for you. This is full of information and useful tips. You need to cover a few important aspects of kitchen organizations, storage and food preparation. It may improve your experience in your kitchen. This is your kitchen cheat sheet and that may optimize the kitchen hacks. It should be made with taste, love and your good intentions. Made it and stick them at the kitchen wall.

Freezer and refrigerator storage

This is some simple tricks and organization method that you can follow to avoid spoilage and prevent the vegetables and meat to spoil.

  • Use the upper shelve to keep the drinks, leftovers, and ready to eat food packets
  • Use the lower shelves of your fridge to keep the raw ingredients that you will need to cook
  • Keep the fruits and vegetables in the lower basket area
  • If there are two drawers in your fridge, use for fruits and one for veggies or you can keep a fruit bowl on the glass rack of your fridge.
  • You can also use the zipper bag to keep the veggies in it
  • If you are keeping the sauce, butter and packet vegetables in your kitchen, check the expiry dates of each product. Many people think that they can store the foods for an unlimited period that result in food waste.

Okay, let me make an easy to understand cheat sheet that will give your kitchen a more fresh and unique look and will save you from optimization Hacks.

Store different items of the kitchen more creatively

Your kitchen can fill up with different items as this is the single place in your home where you need to make a number of activities. If your kitchen items are not properly organized, the hygiene of your kitchen will degrade surely. You can make some kitchen drawers for sure but if you don’t have that, you can use baskets, shelves and can put some hooks on your kitchen’s wall. But keep each and everything in proper place so that the kitchen will get an organized but simple look.

Keep out your unused appliances

There should be many appliances in your kitchen that do not use at all and that occupy many spaces unnecessarily. To avoid the kitchen organization hacks, just keep out those unused appliances from your kitchen. Keep only the appliances that you need so that you will have more space in your kitchen to work freely.

Paint light color in your kitchen

Paint light color in your kitchen

Light color in the kitchen wall can give it a more spacious look and just paint the wall with light color and brighter lighting option to get the best look of your kitchen. Dull wall paint can make the kitchen confined and stuffy.

Have good quality and only important tools

Having the proper appliances and utensils in the kitchen can help you to prepare the best meal. You can buy good knives set, blender, good looking chopping boars. If you need, you can also add some juicer set, boiler set etc. But look for the tools that necessary for your kitchen, you buy the necessary tools. That will occupy spaces and your kitchen will look more stuffy and small in appearance.

Go for some smaller appliances

Before visiting the market to buy appliances for your kitchen, take some time to think about the size of the appliances. Keep in mind the size of your kitchen also. Choose the appliances according to your family size and requirement. If you have a small family, there is no necessity to buy a large 31 cubic fridge to keep in your kitchen. You can go for a smaller size fridge so that it will not take much space in your kitchen. The same is applicable for the dishwasher also.

Install the glass door shelves or cabinets

You can have the glass door cabinets in your small sized kitchen so that it will appear bigger and it will also motivate you to make the cabinets clean and organized. To improve the hygiene of the kitchen, glass door cabinets will play a good role certainly.

Cut the meats properly ad you are cooking or just storing them in the cabinet


Meat handling is a tough job that needs to be done properly in your kitchen. You need to choose the right meat for the right meat and proper cut. You should have extensive knowledge on meat preparation so that the food lovers will enjoy your cooking.

Firstly, it is important to know the right type of meats for different meals and which one goes right with your dish. There are four types of meat like chicken, fish, beef, mutton, pork and lamb. You need to add on your cheat sheet that which part of the animal is right for the food you are planning and how to use them in it. Like to roast the chicken, you need to have the whole one, chicken breasts are best to make the deep fry, grilled or steamed chicken, for BBQ, pan-fried chicken you need to have the chicken thigh.

You also need to make the cheat sheet on cooking measurements according to different cuisines.  Like how much oil you need to roast a chicken, how much oil is important for fried vegetables? Etc.

The kitchen is the most important place of a home and most of the women spend lots of time here. Making a kitchen cheat sheet to organize it properly is uttermost important and it is very important to have healthy eating. These hacks will surely help you to make your kitchen most comfortable and place and an organized kitchen can help you to finish your kitchen tasks in a faster way also.

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