How To Tell If Pork Is Bad: Barbara’s Unique Tips & Practical Guide

Bacterial in damaged meats like pork is the reason for food poisoning that can cause the health hazards like vomiting, nausea, stomach pain etc. These issues can occur within one to three days of consuming the bad pork.

But fresh pork can be a good addition in your daily diet. Even just a 3 and a half ounce pork contains 190 calories and 5 grams fat. For those who are looking for weight gaining in a healthy way can have pork in their daily diet. Lean pork is also an excellent source of good protein and contains zinc, B-vitamins, iron, phosphorus and magnesium.

Before including pork to your food list, it is necessary to be aware of its nutritive importance. There are two types of calories present in it. Some of the calorific contents usually come from protein and a good quantity of them derived from fats. Though it is said that calorie-free pork is essentially free from fat, but still there is a substantial quantity of fats observed in pork dishes.

But, as per the health is a concern, you need to determine if the pork is bad. There are few steps to follow

To be surer, you need to know the right ways that will give you the assurance that the pork is not good:

Three easy steps to determine the quality of your pork:

  • Inspecting the packaging
  • Inspecting the pork by using your senses (hands, nose, eyes)
  • Finally smell it and check properly with your hand

There must be a label on the packaging that you need to check first. To have the safe and perfectly clean pork, you need to use it during the period of “use-by”. It is best to use the freshly bought pork on the first day but doesn’t plan to keep them long in fridge. But you can keep them only for three days in your freezer. As you are keeping it in the freezer, it can stay in good condition for three months but the quality will deteriorate significantly. To prolong life, you can use the freezer bag or the zipper bag but it is good to use them as soon as possible.  It is not good to consume and cook pork with the expiry date. Don’t buy the packet pork without the label that comes with the date.

Examine with your senses

Even if the package comes with the most exact information, a chef’s senses and inspection cannot beat anything. First, you can start with visual inspection and that will provide you with the insight that how old the pork is and how long it is in the freeze. When you see it, it should be in red rose color. If it is not properly red, it may be spoiled.

Fat separations and white lines are perfectly okay on the fresh and good quality pork but make sure that there is nothing yellow in it. You need to know which the right color of good quality pork is because even after staying long in your freezer, it can turn to darker-red color also. This is because of the chemical reaction of protein and oxygen. Meat fiber is enriched with high fiber and so it changes color over the time.  Regardless of the doneness or temperature of the pork, it changes color due to oxidation. You can just discard the pork completely or can cut the particular portion of faded meat.


Final check

When you are inspecting the pork, you need to check the texture and consistency of the meat and go for a small check. If you are suspicious about the quality of the meat, a smell check will help you a lot for sure.

Checking the quality of the pork meat is possible with hands as the sensation is quite distinctive. Good quality fresh pork will be more tender and very much consistent if you are taking on your hand. If the pork is good, you will get more soft content than the firm meat.

Check the dryness of the meat completely and whether there any slim film over the meat. If it is too much dry or too much slimy, avoid consuming it as it can cause several health issues for you.

The smell difference is very much easy to determine. Good quality, fresh pork is completely odor free. If you find it with the ammonia-like the smell, it is better to avoid them.

Bacteria attack the meat’s gentle surfaces and develop also on it. The smell can be worse with the damage level that done by bacteria.

Pork facts

To avoid the spoilage in the pork, store it right. If you buy the fresh meat with plastic wrap, you need to transfer it to the zipper or freezer storage bag by removing the plastic cover. It will save the pork from getting in the air contact. Squeeze out properly the air from the ziplock bag before sealing it. It should be stored in the freezer and minimum of 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you are keeping them in your freezer, it will be in good condition for up to 5 months but don’t store the cooked pork and it will lose its quality, color and taste with three to 5 days. But it will surely lose the tenderness.

The temperature abused pork will not have any visible changes. As the harmful pathogenic organisms grow up, you will not find any visible changes but the salmonella or yersinia bacteria can cause several health issues. Not just a bad smell but if you find the meat is too much sticky and firm, they are in bad condition and not right to make foods with it.

Pork is now one of the most patronized food products worldwide. You can find different pork cuisines in every culture that are commonly presentable in various cuts. It can be enjoyed grilled, fried, stewing and many other cooking methods but it should be in good condition so that you will enjoy the taste and will get the best of healthy benefits from it.

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