6 Quick Tips About How to Clean a Nonstick Pan Easily

How to clean a nonstick pan almost we every homemaker might know. But How to clean easily and quickly there are only a few people knows it. Like me who was-clueless about nonstick cookware, my article is for them. In the beginning, I used to make eggs and a few days later, I observed the eggs already sticking to the pan’s surface. From that, I made a lot of research on the internet and talked with many professional cooks in the popular forums regarding this. Afterward, I never had to worry about cleaning my nonstick pans ever.

How to Clean a Nonstick Pan From Outside

Just spraying with a short blast of cooking spray is not enough to clean properly your nonstick pan. Do you know cooking spray is pretty much the worst lubricant for nonstick pans? In particular, soapy water is very effective to clean a nonstick pan. In order to clean, your nonstick pan place it in a sink with washing up liquid and full of warm water. Though everyone doesn't believe but it works very effectively in my case. Because of the fact, these liquids specially designed to cut through grease and to remove bacteria. Initially mild baking soda often potentially damages the nonstick coating.

Clean Non Stick Pan with Salt

From my own experience, I learned some tricks for seasoning my skillets. As a result, now I can make crepes in my stainless steel without making them stuck in a mess. Rather I would really like to share that trick with you. See below-

At first, make your nonstick pan hot in between medium and medium high. After this, put about a tablespoon of coconut oil in the pan to melt.


Then whirl it around and drain out excess. Now you have to sprinkle a generous amount of salt onto the bottom of the pan. Generally, I use a cloth or paper towel, and then firmly rub the salt and oil into the pan following in a circular motion. In this way, rub the bottom and the sides well as like you’re polishing them. At last, you need to wipe out the oil and salt properly. Finally, here you are ready to cook with your good seasoned pan.

Clean Nonstick Pan with Baking Soda

A cooking expert advised me once to use baking soda in cleaning nonstick pans. And I tried this twice for myself. Yeah, I got a very protective benefits using baking soda. So do you want to clean a nonstick pan with baking soda? Here I go for it with you. In this addition, I applied a paste of three parts baking soda to one part water. Then I leave it on the bottom of the pan for about 10 minutes.

After ten minutes, I simply scrubbed it with a non-scratch sponge. I found that finally most of the marks came off. Despite it didn't bring the almost brightening effect but this method is more effective specially for removing marks. So if you are ready to excuse the brightening effect and more intend to clean off the marks, you can typically try this method.

clean non stick pan with baking soda

How to Clean Grease a Nonstick Pan

Another Trick on how to clean grease nonstick pan is vinegar. Therefore, you must be exciting to know how to clean a nonstick pan using vinegar. Well, now I will show you the easy process of doing this. In the event that you’ll need warm water, vinegar, a dish soap and a nonabrasive nylon scrubber. Particularly when your nonstick pan has a layer of so many oils and you feel it difficult to remove it follow this instruction.

Firstly, fill the pan with water and add ½ cup of vinegar in it. Afterward bring the mixture of vinegar and water to a boil. While the mixture boils, you can see the oil layer is rising to the top. So now you need to remove the oil and dispose of the water. After this, wash the pan simply with soap and warm water using a nylon scrubber. At the end just rinses completely and dries it with a soft cloth.

How to Remove Black Stains From Non Stick Pans

Sometimes we, home cooks need to use a large amount of oil in few recipes. As like when we shallow frying onions or deep-frying chicken a little more oil need to use than usual. In consequence, our nonstick pans left with almost sticky residue, greasy and become stubborn to come off. Generally, this problem also had to face while cooking a particularly fatty cut of meat. Wait for a second! Before cleaning this nonstick frying pans, make sure at first, you remove as much of this residue as possible.

Probably it is the toughest job to clean that burnt nonstick surface. How to clean a nonstick with burnt on has been the most popular question in online Clean My Space Community. So let's find the solution. To solve this problem at first pour one cup of cool water and two table spoon baking soda into the nonstick pan. Then with a spoon stir the ingredients well. Then place the pan on the stove-top over a medium flame. Then cook the liquid mixture for approximately ten minutes. After this remove the pan and pour out the baking soda and water. Now you have to fill a sink with warm water. Add several squirts of dish-washing detergent to make sudsy water.


Then place the nonstick pan into the soapy water. Take a nylon-scouring pad and scrub at the burnt food residue to remove all remnants of the burnt food. Until remove, every bit of food, continue scrubbing. Further, clean the pan with a dishcloth. Then rinse the pan with warm water and dry it with a dishtowel. Use a small amount of general cooking oil onto a paper towel. Then rub the oiled paper towel over the interior surface of the pan to season it lightly. As a result, your nonstick pan will look like the new one.

Remove Residue from Nonstick Pan

Don't be frustrated! There are also few other ways to clean a nonstick pan easily. Let's see them below-

  • Ketchup

How to clean a nonstick pan with burnt on, you can use ketchup on the bottom of the pan. Then leave it for ten minutes. After this, scrub it with a non-scratch sponge. Nevertheless, stainless steel pan works very well in this method.

  • Bar Keeper’s Friend

Apply the cleanser to a wet cloth or to the surface. Then rub it in a circular motion to loosen oils and bits. The stain is difficult to remove, turn the powder to a paste and leave it for one minute. At last, clean the cookware with warm soapy water. Then see there is no residue left behind. Otherwise, you can also do it with a damp magic eraser sponge. It works great for exterior stains.

Therefore, with all these tips of how to clean a nonstick panguideline that I have elaborated here, you should always try to follow the cooking recommendations by the manufacturers. Moreover washing promptly will help extend the life of nonstick cookware.

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